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Welcome to the 14th IB Day organized and hosted by Istanbul Ozel Marmara Koleji. The 14th Traditional IB Day Biennial has a theme which is Guiding the way into the 21st Century through IB Education”.

On the IB Day, the main emphasis will be on the fields of study and activities of “IB DP, MYP, and PYP”. Alongside these,however, we also believe that discussion of topics such as ‘best practices’, ‘general education’, ‘interdisciplinary teaching’, ‘cross-curricula’, ‘library’ and ‘IB coordination’, which will also be explored, will enable participants to share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues working in IB schools in Turkey.

Our goal is to provide teachers and administrators who wish to share their IB experience and knowledge, with an opportunity to take part in the activities related to the IB continuum and its practices in our country. By doing this it is hoped that the structuring of an academic background and the means to elevate the standards of education and teaching in our country will be facilitated, we strongly believe that the 14th IB Day will be successful in this aim.

We hope the 14th IB Daybiennial, which we believe, will be of great benefit to and productive for all of our participants and guests.  We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all of the teachers, schools and establishments that have shown interest in this event.


Elif Şimşek                                                                   

General Director  
Marmara Education Institutions